Roulette UP!

Roulette UP!

Higher and higher – how long will the streak go?

Roulette UP! is a multi-spin bonus bet for roulette based on a streak of increasing numbers. The longer the streak goes, the higher the payout. UP! is a community wager with high payout potential: a long sequence of increasing numbers will give roulette players something to cheer for together.
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How To Play Roulette UP!

  • Place chips anywhere on the layout for normal roulette bets, and also place a chip in the UP! wagering area. Click “SPIN”.
  • Unless the number is 36, the sequence will continue.
  • The sequence is tracked on the paytable to the right. Keep spinning until you end the sequence and get paid.
  • Use the gaff buttons at the lower right to force certain spin results and to get a sense of a longer sequence.

Game Information

The UP! bet for Roulette:
  • has a very flexible paytable to allow for higher or lower top awards or house edges.
  • can easily be configured for use with a progressive jackpot system. The chances of 12 increasing roulette spins in a row are about one in 3.35 billion (yes, billion with a “B”), so Roulette UP! could easily add a million-dollar jackpot to your roulette tables.
  • gets more exciting the longer the streak continues. Even without a progressive jackpot top award, the entire table will be cheering louder and louder with each spin in a winning sequence.
  • is approved for play in Nevada and Mississippi.
  • is protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 7,316,397 and 8,066,561.
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